Hercules2Facebook fan, Shea Alexandra, recently wrote to us about her rescue cat, Hercules, and her experience with Halo natural cat food. Here’s what she had to say:

Dearest Halo Pets,

I am so happy that your products exist. I just ordered a 11.5LB bag of Wholesome Chicken kitty food off of your website. I only wish you guys carried bigger quantities of food that customers could buy in bulk. I usually buy my cat his food at Whole Foods Market but I find that they are almost always sold out of your product, which is a little alarming for me when it happens so often.

You see, my kitty, Hercules was adopted last year on a whim because it was love at first sight. Sadly, the poor boy was either sick or traumatized or both when I got him, as he would not eat. He almost died. We had to have a tube installed into his throat and I had to tube feed him multiple times a day and hope that he eventually ate on his own. Eventually he DID decide to eat, but I’ve found that the absolute ONLY thing he will consume is Spot’s Stew Wholesome Chicken Dry (and occasionally canned) cat food. He went from being emaciated to a healthy 14-pound tabby (which the vet says is average for his size)!!! He is a big kitty with a big (albeit picky) appetite.

Thank you so much for basically contributing to saving the life of my best friend! Please consider bigger bulk quantities (and discounts perhaps) for those of us who need a constant supply! Thanks.

Shea, thank you so much for sharing your story! We are glad that Hercules is happy and healthy. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for our newsletter for special offers to our web store and use our Halo coupons for discounts at your local retailer.

Read Shea’s original Facebook testimonial.

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  1. kathy says:

    Congrats to your healthy kitty. I too would like bigger bags. I have 4 cats I feed Halo to and they are loving it but I find myself having to buy too ofted due to the smaller bags. Please…Halo, bigger bags.

  2. NikkiMo says:

    Awesome for your baby!
    If you sign up for Halo’s monthly new mailer online we can get coupons off bags of food, cans and treats; usually not the larger bags unfortunatly. That is one of the many reasons I use and recomend Halo to my customers (I work at Petco).

  3. Elizabeth Mabardy says:

    Hello HALO Pet foods & Ellen 😀
    My cat was diagnosed with stage one chronic kidney disease about a month ago.
    I am so upset as I take excellent care of her!
    My Vet says, low top quality protein & low in Phosphorus, Sodium too.

    I see that you list the ingredients, & not the above mentioned.
    I need to know, as I do not want to feed her Hills Prescription canned K/D formula.

    Please if you would e mail me !

    I would be so grateful to have some coupons to try

    • admin says:

      Hi Elizabeth—thanks for writing in.

      There is some debate about restricting protein at this early stage of kidney disease. Research studies have been unable to prove that restricting protein at this stage (Stage 1) slows the progression of kidney disease in cats. In fact, due to the cat’s unique nature as an obligate carnivore, restricting protein too much can lead to muscle mass and weight loss at this stage.

      Most experts in the field agree that cats with Stage 1 kidney disease should eat a high quality protein canned diet which has controlled phosphorus levels. Additional benefits may come from lower sodium foods as well as those supplemented with omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and increased levels of B vitamins.

      Halo’s foods contain many of the ideal features but only one of the canned diets (Wholesome Chicken) has a lower phosphorus level. You will need to ask your vet if it might be appropriate for your cat.

      Hope this helps.
      Dr. Donna Spector

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