BengalsWe thought you’d enjoy this letter from a new Halo family member Pat Phillips about her Bengal cats!

Dear Halo Pets,

I had to write! I have 2 Bengal cats. They were raised on a [premium brand] cat food since birth. They will be 4 years old this July. About 6 months ago, one of my Bengal’s, “Bella”, looked as if she was losing weight. Couldn’t be sure, she just didn’t seem right or look right. It was like she was losing muscle mass.

My other Bengal, “Lucy”, was becoming lethargic and her coat went from a beautiful one to course, dull hair. It never dawned on me that the [premium brand] may have been the cause because it was advertised as a premium cat food.

Then by chance, I happened upon an article how the [premium brand] was making cats sick. There were dozen’s of documented cases. I decided to get my prized Bengal’s off that stuff.

I researched cat foods and decided to try the HALO brand because I trust a fellow animal lover, Ellen DeGeneres. Well, I must say, my cats were switched 2 months ago and you should see them now!!

Both cats have more energy, act like kittens, and their coats have become shiny and smooth…..just beautiful. I can definitely tell the difference. If they have improved this much on the outside, they must be better inside too. So THANK YOU for a premium, quality cat food. I am a fan!

Pat Phillips
Blue Springs, Missouri

Thank you Pat for sharing your story and pictures of your cats with us and we are happy that Bella & Lucy are doing so well.

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  1. Jean McCarthy says:

    Halo is an awesome cat food. My fosters love the dry – they also get Royal Canin but I do believe HALO is their ultimate favorite. I do have to travel to get it as not available at my local Pet Value.
    I’m so glad these BEAUTIFUL BENGALS are thriving on Halo and so they should. Enjoy them to the utmost with their ‘doggie traits’ – I would feel so lucky to have one and missed out adopting one as the owner changed his mind. Gorgeous, mischievous and utterly lovable. I personally would love to have a Bengal – fell in love with them at a cat show that I visited for old times’ sake as I used to breed top show quality Siamese (another lifetime ago) but do visit shows when I can. Even have judges from so many years ago who acknowledge me. My mentor was known world-wise but now deceased and I miss her so. I just cannot afford a Bengal at this time so after my 2 long-time best friends passed, my fosters have tried to comfort and take over. They periodically still look for the last one; my lovely blue pt. Mistique who passed at 19 yrs. 7 mos. All so missed.

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