orphanpupWhen a week-old pit bull puppy needed a mother, an unlikely volunteer stepped in. Lurlene the cat, who was already nursing four newborns of her own, apparently figured one more “kitten” couldn’t hurt and welcomed the puppy into her fold.

The puppy, Noland, happily snuggled in beside the four kittens and made himself right at home. “Lurlene loves him,” said Sharon Harvey, the president and chief executive officer of the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) told local ABC station, Newsnet 5. “It’s so cute!”

Noland was dropped off, motherless, at the APL when he was just one day old, reports the news station. Once he met his new family, Noland began spending all day snuggling, eating and sleeping with them. At night, a team member would take Noland home to bottle feed and monitor him overnight. In the morning, he would rejoin the kittens and his new mama.

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