DrDonnaSpector-Morgan2011_250wQuestion: My beloved cockerpoo Barkley is 3.5 months old. She started going out 2 weeks ago, during that time we switched her food from intestinal to regular puppy food (mixed them until it was done).

In the last 2 weeks she started itching her face and biting hard on her thighs, hands, legs, vaginal area and between her fingers.

Whenever she is back from her walk she is wheezing. We saw a healing wound on her tail about 3 weeks ago and she opened it a week ago, so now we are putting an antibiotics ointment on it and it has improved.

The vet told us to give her a shower with hypoallergenic healing shampoo and it seams that the biting and itching is better but not over.

We are so so worried and don’t know what to do since the vet said she is too young for allergy treatment.

Is it the food? the grass? the tree? flowers?
Please advise, We don’t know what to do
The worried parents,

Answer: Thanks for writing in. Dogs can develop food hypersensitivity/allergy at any age. If she started having these signs right around the time of a diet change, I would consider speaking to your vet about a hypoallergenic diet trial to see if she improves.

You can also ask about the usage of omega 3 fatty acids as they can help alleviate itchy skin—regardless of the cause. Also make sure your veterinarian has done scrapings of her skin to check for mites and mange—as these things can cause severe itching and biting and can be difficult to find on only one exam.

Hope this helps.
Good luck.
Dr. Donna Spector

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