Let’s Talk Turkey

For Dogs:

Spot’s Stew® For Dogs Healthy Weight GF Turkey & Duck

• Help your dog be fit with Halo’s optimal calorie Healthy Weight diet, proper food management, and plenty of love and exercise.

• Turkey and Duck Recipe with easy to recognize and understand wholesome ingredients.

• Feeding recommendations to guide weight reduction or maintenance.


Spot’s Stew® Dry Small Breed Turkey, Duck & Pheasant

• Smaller dogs will benefit from this natural whole food recipe formulated to keep little bodies lean, muscles toned, joints and skin healthy!

• Real turkey, duck, pheasant and ingredients you recognize. No chicken meal or rendered meat.

• Smaller kibble for little mouths.


Halo Spot’s Choice® For Dogs Turkey & Chickpeas

• Roasted Turkey — what’s not to like!

• Shredded pieces of roasted turkey – single animal protein.

• Chickpeas – “super food” rich in protein & fiber.

For Cats:

Scat2Spot’s Stew® Sensitive Cat Whole Turkey

• Gentle, home-style recipe with easy to recognize and understand ingredients.

• Natural sources of soluble and insoluble fiber.

• Great taste that finicky cats love.



catcan1Spot’s Choice® Cat Grain-Friee Shredded Turkey Recipe

• Roasted Turkey — what’s not to like!

• Shredded pieces of roasted turkey -single animal protein

• Creamy texture


catcan2Spot’s Stew® For Cats Wholesome Turkey Recipe

• Tasty turkey stew just for cats!

• Formulated for optimum protein and complete nutrition

• Helps maintain body tone and body tissue

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