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dog-kitty-lgTiffany Hull and Drew Johnson of Mount Vernon, Oregon have two dogs who usually spend their time hunting, guarding the property and chasing other animals away.

That’s why the couple was shocked when both dogs’ motherly instincts kicked in when they found a helpless kitten in their yard.

According to the Blue Mountain Eagle, Chaos, an 8-year-old kelpie mix, found the kitten in the family’s back yard. The kitten was so young that his eyes were still closed.

“She had this thing in her mouth,” Hull told the Eagle. “Drew told her to drop it, and he put it back.”

The couple was amazed at how gentle Chaos had been with the tiny cat because the dog is a natural and skilled hunter.

But, Hull said of Chaos, “Her mother instincts kicked in. She protected him for about a week from Atilla.”

Chaos need not have worried about Atilla, a 7-year-old half-Labrador, half-pitbull mix. As soon as Atilla was allowed near the kitten, she, too, became protective and nurturing.

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Halo donates a bowl to animals in Need for every purchase. #HaloFeedItForward