Dog Saves Owner After Accident On a Cliff

Abby the Red HeelerThe Daily Mail reports that Sue and Michael Pethick were camping with their rescued red heeler, Abby, in a remote area of South Australia. The couple had adopted Abby from a shelter in Victoria about a year ago and were looking forward to enjoying a fun camping trip. Unfortunately, it almost ended in disaster. One day during the trip, Sue and Abby left Michael at the campground and went for what was meant to be a short walk. While walking with Abby, Sue tripped and fell three meters (almost 10 feet) down a cliff face. The fall broke her ankle. Sue wasn’t able to get up and return to the campsite.

Although Abby seemed to want to stay with Sue, Sue urged Abby “to go find Dad.” Abby obeyed and hurried back to the campsite to find Michael. Michael was already worried because of how long the pair had been gone. He became even more concerned when Abby showed up without Sue.

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