Where Does the World’s Most Followed French Bulldog Love to Sleep?

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french bulldog sleeping in sink

When it comes to naps, for Manny the Frenchie, it doesn’t get much better than a good snooze in the sink. But catching Zs isn’t all that the world’s most followed French Bulldog does. Manny is quite the philanthro-PUP. Through the Manny & Friends Foundation, Manny helps bring joy and happiness to those who need it, supporting both human and animal causes.

More about Manny:

Favorite treat: Bacon

Favorite food: Halo® Garden of Vegan®

Favorite city: Chicago

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32 Responses to “Where Does the World’s Most Followed French Bulldog Love to Sleep?”

  1. Helen

    Hi cutie Manny! If you’re single I have a grand poodle named Miss Vivian…35 lbs. of beautiful girl!

  2. Dena

    I love it when All animals are confident enough to let their personalities show. My little man, Bucky (Tibetan Spaniel) is not only loving and gentle, hes the neighborhood greeter, and started on his own to be a companion (part time of course) for grieving dogs and their owners. Hes the greatest little man! And Manny, the Frenchie… hes the greatest too!!?????

  3. in tamarac

    Wonder how he gets up there, it has to be multi-jump process > floor to toilet seat, seat to top of toilet tank or seat to to vanity counter to sink. Regardless…he’s adorable.

  4. roberta

    I know your dog loves bacon but it’ll kill him. Watch out for pancreatitis dogs cannot process the bacon grease

  5. Norine

    I love Manny the Frenchie!!! I met him once on his philanthropic visits through California at the Oakland International Airport. What a handsome, friendly boy!!! His mom so nice to let us meet him??

  6. Nadalee

    Great picture! My cat Cocopuff loved to sleep in the sink, but I’ve never seen a dog choosing that particular spot for a bed!

  7. Renee

    Manny is so cute, adorable & precious!! Love him! Pls, no bacon, it’s a killer! Like Beagle-Bassetts, Bulldogs tend to put weight on so easily. Thank you.


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