What Guinness World Record Does Nala Cat Hold?

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With more than 6 million followers, Nala Cat’s adorable face has become a pretty familiar one as well. This lovable Siamese/Tabby mix rescue may be making people smile all over the internet, but she spends a lot of her time helping pets who are less fortunate than her.

Favorite food: Halo Indoor Cat Whitefish Pate

Favorite YouTube channel: IAmNalaCat

Favorite accessory: Bowties

Favorite title: Queen

Lala Cat with Halo Whitefish Recipe

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69 Responses to “What Guinness World Record Does Nala Cat Hold?”

  1. Christine Keating-Ingelse

    Oh my gosh! She looks a lot like my cat, Charles-with the blue eyes. She’s a true Lynx Point Siamese! Charles has gotten “stripier” has he’s grown. Nala still has the mostly fawn/gray body. She’s gorgeous and has such a sweet face!

  2. Bonnie Wilson

    I’m a dog person but I must say…. Nala is one adorable kitty!!!! Love that she’s a rescue!!!!

  3. Vicki Coffey

    Face of a Saint, heart of an Angel. Thank you Nala and your paw parents and EVERYONE for helping the hurricane victims!!! ???

  4. Sabrina Hewell

    Nala holds the record for being the cat with the most Instagram followers (6 million) ?

  5. Ann Marie Hoff

    Nala looks EXACTLY like my cat Buffy only she is not cross eyed. Also, Buffy will pose for me in private, but not when anyone is around. My cat Samson, @Samson_Speaks is the cat model- he wears sunglasses & travels to animal communication events with me!


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