You Can Help Fight the Puppy Mill Problem

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American Humane - puppy mill rescue

As American Humane reports on another dramatic puppy mill rescue—89 dogs living in a 10 x 60 foot trailer and 166 dogs living in a small house in Washington state, many of whom were severely ill—we are reminded that puppy mills are still a major problem in the U.S.

Since retail pet stores mainly source their animals from these mills, they are fueling this cruel industry. Fortunately, many states are passing legislation banning sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits unless they are from a shelter.

You can help fight puppy mills, too:

  • Adopt, don’t shop. Visit your local shelter or connect with a rescue group to find your new best friend.
  • Support rescue-friendly pet stores. Help the stores that are part of the solution be more successful.
  • Speak up about problem stores. Write letters to your local paper and post your thoughts in social media.

Working with local authorities, American Humane determined that about 100 of the 255 dogs—which were mostly chihuahuas—were healthy enough to transported. These dogs went to five animal rescues in Western Washington.

34 Responses to “You Can Help Fight the Puppy Mill Problem”

  1. Kate Kenner

    Everyone in my house is adopted-even me. The pet supply store where I shop has small animals that come from the shelter as they seem to do better there.

  2. Beverly Johnso

    There should b strictly laws, not just a pat a wrist. Larger fines, if cannot pay them, u stay in jail, like those poor dogs and cats have been in all their life. Unfortunately the prisoners there get treated better. Given more jail time for all the abuse these poor babies have done nothing to deserve.Makes me so mad, but I’d live to make them live like that for just 2 weeks, but oh no, god forbid that inhumane for people, well not in my book. I love all creatures, dog, cats wildlife and they r slowing killing and torturing these animals with their lack of any human kindness. Cavemen treated animals better, proven fact, just by pictures they have found in caves!!!!

  3. JOHN Mercer

    Puppy Mills are horrific. We always encourage to adopt from a shelter, as we always do.

  4. Barbara Oberle

    The Dept. of Agriculture needs to make ending puppy mills a priority. The public should adopt from shelters rather than buying dogs to decrease the demand for pedigrees.

  5. Melody Pomerenke

    I have rescued two chihuahua’s; who were extremely socialized; scared of EVERYTHING; I took the time to socialize them; teach them not to bark at everything in sight; and train them to be part of my “pack”. One thing people do not know; the birds of prey will attack them (even on a leash) and other wild animals think they are a “snack”.
    Never leave a chihuahua outside without supervision; I mean be right a their side; if something comes after them you have a better chance of keeping them alive. They are smart dogs and love to learn and will sit on your lap and snuggle. Mpls., MN.

  6. Barbara Duke

    It is so sad that we in the US cannot stop puppy mills. I have been doing animal rescue and dog transports now for 10+ years and still breaks my heart that we lose so many dogs and cats. If people would adopt those who already need homes, fewer would die and puppy mills and pet stores would be eliminated. I pray there will be a time that no animal has to be put to sleep because there is no room or sick and injured in puppy mills. We need stronger animal rights laws to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

  7. Connie Swanson

    Please stops supporting puppy mills these animals deserve much better love than this thank you from an animal lover!

  8. MS

    STOP dealing in every way with the puppy mills — SHUT DOWN THESE HELL-HOLES forever! — remove the animals straight into Rescue Groups, who in turn will prep these sweet, vulnerable, innocent animals for adoption into loving situations.

  9. andrea dunlap

    so many dogs in shelters need homes..puppy mills are the worst.they are only in it to make money.adopt a shelter dog first.

  10. Delores Parker


    • Vinnygret

      As long as people have to have “purebred” dogs and decide to try to make money off them, puppy mills will flourish while wonderful dogs are euthanized.

    • Guest234

      People create puppy mills to get money because they are too lazy to work at a job! Instead they harm the innocent. It’s slow but things are changing and one day puppy mills will be put out of business.

  11. Virginia dunn

    We need to rid puppy mill and back yard breeders…too many wonderful pet in our shelters and rescue groups! Spay/Neuter!

  12. Andrea Chapman

    Unethical treatment of innocent animals that cannot speak for themselves. The people that engage in this should be brought up on charges & serve time.

  13. Sandy Molock

    The people that run puppy mills are ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY! They cannot have any feelings toward the poor dogs that are only there to have more puppies. Puppy mills should be against the law in the entire United States. We must keep praying and do anything we can to stop them.

  14. Lesley Currie

    Never buy an animal from a puppy mill, off the internet web sites such as kijiji or small time back yard breeders.

  15. JoAnn Natarelli

    Don’t let pet stores in malls, as if they are okay, if they have no where to do business maybe it will stop. How about shelters getting free rent to showcase their animals up for adoption in the malls, good will in the community and I bet they could write it off as a tax deduction. Everyone would win, especially our loving furry friends.

  16. Midge Miller

    Puppy mills are one of the cruelest practices in our country (beside the medical labs), and they should be eliminated. But ending these dens of horror is coming about too slowly. Please speed up the process to get rid of all puppy mills.

    • MB Summers

      The main reason puppy mills exist is that there are still people who refuse to adopt a rescue animal. They want theirs to be “pure bred”, I guess even if it has lives its life so far in a tiny cage with sick animals all around it. “You just don’t know the history of a rescue”. Do you really know the history of your “pure bred” puppy? Just because it came from lovely well organized, clean pet shop does not mean it has lived those nice conditions it’s while life.

  17. PJ

    I’ve read that the Amish run a great many “puppy mills,” because they regard these dogs as livestock. Is that true? Of course, livestock also should not be abused or neglected.

    By the way, if there ever was a misnomer phrase, it’s puppy mills. In truth, they are lifetime torture chambers for those dogs.

  18. Paige Garberding

    Puppy mills still exist because the lowlifes who run them still make money from them. This hideous abuse of animals will only end when pet stores stop selling puppy mill “product”. Boycott stores that sell puppies and kittens, write your local papers, contact your local and state officials. MAKE A HELLA NOISE TO FOCUS MORE ATTENTION ON THESE ANIMAL ABUSERS!

  19. PQ Bayne

    The KEY is to EDUCATE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPORTING THEM FINANCIALLY. Teach people NOT to buy from them; to ADOPT or else VISIT the location BEFORE they purchase a puppy. RESEARCH ahead of time. Don’t BUY from pet stores that sell them. EDUCATION so people stop spending money to support them. If it’s not PROFITABLE, bad breeders will be forced to quit. Every state should conduct inspections regularly to any facility that SELLS animals. Fine them..and close down any repeat offenders. Think of who it is that BUYS from these monsters. EDUCATE the buyers….close down puppy mill offenders.

  20. Carole Bognar

    I have a good idea. Put these money hungry breeders in a 10×60 trailer for a few days and see how they like it!!!!

  21. Sue Biasizzo

    I don’t understand, with all the information about pedigreed dogs that end in shelters, why people STILL want to either buy from a pet store or breeder. While I have nothing against responsible breeders, I wish more people would adopt!! My family has always adopted from the shelters. Growing up a few decades ago, we always adopted our dogs from the Animal Rescue League in Boston. Even back then, pets were spayed and neutered before going to a forever home. Thankfully, I have been able to raise my children to adopt rather than buy.

  22. Kathleen Murphy

    Heads up, puppy mill opponents. In Areas such as PA, Ohio, NY, and anywhere else they live, Amish and Mennonite people are the culprits. To old time farmers, dogs are just more livestock and as thought in the 19th and early 20th centuries, just animals with no feelings, even of pain. I have, personally boycotting any products that are marked as “Amish”, and there are many. I have also been trying to get that word out. It is hard, in this Purported “Christian” country because they are admired as “good” people and “very religious.” Did you know that their work horses and those that pull their
    picturesque carriages are sent to slaughter every autumn so they don’t have to feed them through the winter. It’s cheaper to just buy new ones in the spring at auction!

  23. Sandra Brace

    Yes FYI, some Amish are big into puppy mills. I know of people from a rescue that constantly drive to Ohio & Indiana to rescue the breeder dogs and others unwanted. They actually pay for the dogs in order to save them.
    If it were made difficult to run puppy mills, many would close. Example- must register with county, substantial license fees, surprise inspections which the breeder has to pay for, standards as to housing (eliminating cruel wire pens, etc) limit to amount of dogs that one can possess to breed (minimal) and a limit to litters per year. And very large fines where violatons occur. These are just a few ways to run breeders out of business. There definitely needs to be more laws to protect animals! So when will rescues and organizations ban together to approach the political arena? Stop band aiding and get it done. These groups have endless evidence of animal abuse cases, more then enough to support their cause.
    There is always more credence given to organized mass representation.

  24. AfG

    States need to pass laws regarding puppy mills in order to end the abuse. The Amish are shameful for having dogs innlirtle houses in the middle of their fields! They put a pipe down their throats to break their windpipes so they don’t bark! Do not support anything Amish! They club the dogs to death who are too old to produce instead of turning over to a rescue group. It’s shameful and a horror!


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