Boxes, Bags, & BUB!

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Ever brought home a new (read: expensive) toy for your cat only to see the new plaything rejected in favor of the box or bag it came in? And if you weren’t so darn amused by watching your cat chase the receipt in the bottom of the bag you’d be really mad, right?

Yep, boxes and bags are a big hit. Experts cite numerous innate reasons for the attraction.

  • Concealment. Cats are predators, so these hiding spaces make it easier for them to surprise their prey—like your dog or maybe even you!
  • Stress relief. If I fits, I sits, right? Hardly claustrophobic, studies show that cats find comfort in any space they can squeeze themselves into. Maybe there’s someone new in your home or a conflict with another family member, your cat can find security in a box or bag.
  • Warmth. Quite literally, it’s warmer inside. Cardboard is a great insulator and bags can get warm quickly—just be sure your cat can get out!
  • Me-time. Your cat doesn’t have to be a total introvert to enjoy playing alone. Alone in a confined space, your cat gets to make up his or her own rules of play.

Recreation. While simple to us, cats can see all the possibilities for fun in a box or a bag—peeping, pouncing, teasing, crinkling, chewing, and even sleeping. See how Lil BUB traps giant Spooky in a bag!

16 Responses to “Boxes, Bags, & BUB!”

  1. Marie France Lemire

    Just saw my comment. For some unknown reason the icon did not work. So instead of question marks please read love thank you

  2. Kay Ross

    Bub really looks like a midget next to Spooky. They’re both adorable with their expressive faces. Please show us more!

  3. Tricia W

    Lil Bub just always steals my heart.
    Glad she’s loved and has Spooky for a buddy <3

  4. jmuhj

    I had no idea Lil BUB was THAT tiny! She really is! And the most adorable and loving of cats! May she and Spooky live long and PAWS-PURR!

  5. Lucille Greller

    She is precious….so happy she has a privileged life filled with curiosity, adventure and love!

  6. Linda Fortin

    What a cute pair!! It seems Bub isn’t afraid of Spooky at all and puts her(or him) out of the bag!

  7. Nadalee

    So cute! We just have one cat now, but this video makes me miss having two…watching the funny interactions that can occur!

  8. Jeanne

    What a great read. So much was good about it; the content, the story the the brevity. Thanks,


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