Good Dog! Try Trading Treats for Tricks

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You probably have a phone full of pictures (and maybe an Instagram account as well) that prove how adorable your doggo is, but one question that’s hotly debated is just how smart our best friends are. We may tease them one minute for the predicaments they get themselves into and then praise them the next for having the intelligence to figure out how to get there.

While scientists are just beginning to study dogs’ brains—now that they’ve trained them to sit still for an MRI—as pet parents we probably all have a sense of what our own dogs are capable of. We also know that there’s not much a dog won’t do for the delicious aroma and great taste of a dog treat, so if you want to try a new trick with your best friend, be sure to have a handful of low-calorie, nutritious treats and lots of hugs and affirmations to reward their effort.

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  1. Diane

    Amazing just amazing!! I had never thought that a dog could remember so many items. I had tried with a few items and I was amazed that my dog could remember just a few of his toys. Patience pays off!! Great story!

  2. Kate Kenner

    I have seen Chaser befog-such a smart girl. I have a Cattle dog who is also very smart and knows so much of what I am saying except when he doesn’t want to-then he feigns ignorance. he does not know all these words but then he does not have all those toys. He only likes toys outside. Border collies are known for their smarts as are cattle dogs. She is a very happy dog!

  3. Jean B Burkhardt

    I LOVE this video of a very smart doggie. Our husky mix Bradley knows some of his things too-especially his giggle ball. When we ask him WHERE it is-he goes right to it and of course we have to play with it with him!!

  4. peg

    What a amazing dog and the fellow training she looks so happy .Takes time but when you have a animal this is good for you and them ,Great job .I wish the dogs i sit for would at least bring back the ball ha ha i am the won who gets the ball

  5. Jean Kollar

    You bet, Border Collie, smartest dog on the plant. Understands more words, now toys. Had a border collie once, he was always a few steps ahead of me. So in tune with the world around him in relation to me

  6. Melinda Schneider

    It helps that she’s a border collie but most border collies don’t have this skill. It also helps that her owner began teaching her as a tiny puppy. He had a training plan that he used consistently and kept meticulous records of the training. All of that makes a huge difference. A lot of dogs could learn this if only we had the time, the plan, and the patience!

  7. mary deitemeyer

    so is mine and altho he appears smart, he is not smart enough to learn “fetch” even tho his sister, a rat terrier mini pinscher not only fetches her “bear” shakes it on command, and knows 4 or 5 different toys by name, he watches and does nothing. they both know sit, shake and stay –but dont obey stay. How smart is your border collie?

  8. Kelly Smith

    I saw a show about her on tv, she is amazingly smart! I agree with you Dorothy, and Midge, Border Collies are definitely the smartest breed!

  9. Denise Graven

    I think Borders are the smartest foods but I certainly DO NOT discount the intelligence of all others breeds of dogs.

  10. thejanith

    I saw a short program about Chaser, where they showed how she reasons things out. The reporter brought a new toy and put it with her normal toys without showing her the new toy. Her human asked her to go get several of her own toys by name, which she did flawlessly. Then, he asked her to go get Einstein. That was the new toy she had not previously seen. Chaser went back to the toy pile and looked and brought out the new toy. She knew the names of all the other toys in the pile, but her owner had used a name she didn’t know, so she brought the toy she didn’t know. It was a match! I think she got two treats on that one. She is very smart and has a really smart owner, too, who makes all this a big game for her. And she loves playing that game!

  11. dale goodloe

    Yes – Border Collies don’t get enough recognition for their intelligence AND their need to have a “job.”

  12. Rob

    That’s awesome, good job. When we tell our dogs “lets go potty!” they go outside and run around looking for rodents.

  13. Shelly

    So sweet-you can tell he really loves his girl! Border collies rock! Thank you for sharing-makes my day 🙂


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