Active Fun for Indoor Cats

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Just because your indoor cat doesn’t prowl the neighborhood, chase birds, or get daily walks or trips to the dog park, doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a cat potato. It’s easy to create a virtual playground for your cat inside the walls of your home.

  • String theory — Sad that the string came out of your hoodie in the wash, but now you have a perfect cat toy. Or the ribbon off a gift, an old shoe lace. Amazing how swirling in the air or in the ground can send your cat scampering after it.
  • Roly poly — Cats may not be built for games of fetch, but roll a tennis ball or sock ball to them and watch them bat it around, and maybe even chase after it if they knock it across the floor.
  • Free climb — Like toddlers, cat see the world based on how they can climb it. If your home allows, give them safe, sturdy levels to climb freely—like stools, window seats or ledges, or secure shelves—without you worrying about them knocking important things down.
  • Kibble on the move — Cats are natural predators so one way to keep the brain and their body active is finding new spots to put their kibble. Try dividing the food you’d give your cat for one meal into three different bowls and put them in different spots where your cat can hunt them down.

In addition to the physical activity, make sure your cat’s diet matches his or her lifestyle. Indoor cat food is formulated with fewer calories, knowing that indoor cats aren’t quite as active as outdoor, plus it has fatty acids to keep their skin and coat shiny, even for life with an HVAC system that could dry them out. And if you think your cat may already need to lighten up a little, try a nutritious healthy weight cat food that helps them feel full but has fewer calories than regular cat food.

21 Responses to “Active Fun for Indoor Cats”

  1. Jennifer Johnson

    Hi. I loved the article! However, ribbon is not one of the things they should be playing with. There have been a lot of trips to the vet and surgeries for cats that have swallowed ribbons. Thank you.

    • Warren Taylor

      I was just having the same thought. Loose string can also cause problems. And pipe cleaners are an absolute no-no!

  2. Lea

    Great idea! I’d never thought to use multiple bowls of food…it will be interesting to see what Tigger does about this new adventure….

  3. Deborah

    Beautiful home, beautiful story, you and your partner are blessed as are those that you have rescued. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jan

    Love your house and your ideas for the cats. Part of the problem with indoor cats is that they get so-o-o-o flustered and bored being trapped indoor all the time, they get mean and wacky. Any one can tell – these cats NEVER have that problem! Good goin’, guys! Class A ACT !!!

  5. Anna Maria

    I wish I could build ledges around the house for my cats. Your house is unbelievable. They are lucky cats to have you to care for them the way you do.

  6. LISA

    I loved watching this and it does my heart good to know that there are such lovely absolutely wonderful people out there. A light in a very dark time in our country. I adore cats and would love to be able to do what you have done. You are amazing!!!!

  7. Melinda Funk

    U have such amazing luv for ur cats to rescue soo many and give them the best home ever, bless u all ?

  8. Melinda Funk

    U have such amazing luv for ur cats to rescue soo many and give them the best home ever, bless u all!!!

  9. Tonya Rose

    this is something I want to do if I win the lottery
    something amazing like this for the cats and an indoor pool for me

  10. J Cashoty

    Just wonderful. How lucky you and your family are as, obviously, are the cats. If only life could be so loving.


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