Fall is for Leaf Jumpers

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Raking leaves is such a kid-chore. For parents, it’s an easy way to get them out of the house, keep them active, and complete a task. For kids, it’s a dream job. It beats emptying the dishwasher and comes with a big bonus at the end. Leaf jumping. Mom and Dad may not endorse it, but for kids, that freedom to fall, dive, or bury themselves inside a giant leaf pile is a rare treat.

Our other children are getting in on the fun, too. With human assistance to build the leaf pile, dogs are having the time of their lives. With their captivating scent, satisfying crackle, and mysterious depths, big leaf piles can give dogs a few minutes—or days—of enrichment and fun.

In fact, just like little kids, with all that fun, it might be hard to get them back in the house. Try tickling their noses with another scent they’ll love. After a good jaunt through the leaves in the lawn, bring out some fragrant, delicious treats that will get their attention and bring them running in your direction.

23 Responses to “Fall is for Leaf Jumpers”

  1. Jacky

    I love the enthusiasm! ? This is why dogs are so great. They take advantage of all of the fun things in life….

  2. Trish Katwrangler W

    Believe it or not, our kitties love to jump into piles of leaves my husband rakes together – much to his ire.
    They plow into the pile and spring out and “scare” their buddies <3

  3. Fred Riccio

    Did you ever jump in leaves that a dog left a dropping.
    What do you call a little boy under a pile of leaves…….Russel


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