Need Help Sleeping at Night? Consult Your Dog.

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As the temperatures drop, now you’ve got more reasons to make it a 1-, 2-, or 3-dog night. The Journal of the National Society of Anthrozoology just reported that women say their sleep is less disturbed and they have greater feelings of security and comfort when a dog sleeps in their bed.

While 55 percent of the 1,000 women in the study have dogs, 31% share their bed with at least one cat and 57% share it with a human partner. According to the cat moms, cats are just as disruptive to their sleep as human partners.

The dog moms also reported going to bed earlier and waking up earlier than the women who have cats but no dogs.

Not that we needed it, but now that we have even more evidence that dogs give us as much or more as we give them, be sure to feed them with unconditional love.


11 Responses to “Need Help Sleeping at Night? Consult Your Dog.”

  1. Deborah Carter

    I have 2 and they both share my bed. Whisper, my female, sleeps at next to me on the pillow and Bruizer, my male, sleeps under a blanket at the foot of the bed. His own blanket, of course. I do feel better with them in bed with me.

  2. Gayle Wiegand

    Cats are equally willing to serve as litle “heating pads” and snugglers. I have 5, all of whom want to snuggle close at night. Only downfall is when I get a leg cramp or other pain that demands I move —needless to say it doesn’t make them happy!!

  3. Helen

    Love the video. Dogs and cats are a comfort to their humans. I think they give more in the relationship than we will ever know. I still love my parrot but he doesn’t cuddle!

  4. J M

    We had a dog that, on her own, would sleep at the bottom of the bed, between us. We could never understand why, or how, because she slept under the covers. She was known to also, during the day, to snuggle under the covers with her front leg outside the covers and her head on a pillow. Sadly we lost her at 15years old. I still miss her as she was our first dog.

  5. Heather

    I know exactly how comforting that is x5…I had 5 beautiful dogs whom used to share the bed with me! I slept so peacefully….if my husband came to bed late….it was simply too bad for him..the couch was always available! My dogs have all since passed away…now, my kitty sleeps squished right up beside me..old habits hard to break! Stella…you stay there as long as you possibly can! So sweet!

  6. Ronar

    My cats walk all over me at night but I can’t sleep without them. What a cold and lonely life this would be without my furry Babies.

  7. Delores Parker

    I, too, loved this video. My cats sometimes sleep so close to me in bed that I have no way to sleep!!

    • Michael Shapiro

      your comment made me laugh. now i gotta figure out a way to get into bed & get my pillow back. u should of seen them last nite

  8. Cheryl

    My Peanut was a half snuggler, meaning he only gave me half the night before he jumped off the bed into his own spots, lol. It was as if he was saying, “I can’t guarantee you a whole night, Mama.” What a funny kid! 🙂

  9. Renee Doan

    Loved this video. My female Beagle-Bassett, also cuddles. She also loves to dip her head in cover by me or throws her body against me when she re-groups a move. She’s great, docile & loving.


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