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Cat Activity Puzzle: Bored Kitty? Give Her a High-Paying Job!

If your cat is stuck in the life-saving, indoors- only lifestyle I recommend [along with most other cat experts] you can bet she is bored to distraction. This is true even if she is lucky enough to have a fully … Continue reading

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Feline Graffiti: Stressed-out Cat Pees on Everything!

I got this question from Taylor, who listens to my NPR radio show DOG TALK ®(and Kitties, Too!) as well as to CAT CHAT® on the Radio Pet Lady Network. She describes a pretty awful out-of-control, out-of-litter-box situation: “We have … Continue reading

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Question: My cat is 2 years old and last night we came home after only being gone for an hour to find multiple piles of vomit. He has vomited a couple times today but not nearly as much. Two of … Continue reading

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