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Chewy Influencers Love Halo Liv-a-Littles Protein Treats

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For the past few weeks, influencers were able to try Halo Liv-a-Littles® Protein Treats. Here’s what they had to say: Did your pet “Liv-a-Littles” today? …I mean, did they taste this Awesomeness of freeze-dried whole chicken breast? Liv-a-Littles from Halo are a yummy protein treat good for both dogs and cats ? They are also good for […]

Keeping Pets Cool without Heating up Your Energy Bill

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What is your pet’s “carbon paw print?”  Are you hurting your pocketbook and the environment by running air conditioning for your dog or cat more than you really need to? Are there alternative ways to keep your pets cool without leaving the air conditioner running all day when you are out? I recently learned of […]


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Dr. Donna and I recently had a most delightful participant in our Halo Healthy Weight Challenge. Lola was a chubby Pug (quite honestly I don’t think anyone has ever actually seen a slender Pug?!) whose Mom, Heather, was a champ at documenting every little thing Lola ate each day during the 3 month challenge, weighed […]


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Is an over-hungry cat driving you nuts begging for food? You can play “hide and seek” with freeze-dried treats hidden around the house – or put inside a treat-dispensing toy to help settle down your kitty’s cravings! Kylie listens to my radio shows and wrote me about her kitty. “My cat is hungry all the […]


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The snowiest, coldest winter in memory has been challenge enough, trying to entertain and burn off the energy of a young, super-hyper, over-the-top energetic young dog. It has been so brutally cold, and the snow at the side of the roads has been piled so high, that I have not been able to take my […]