101118_4177_dodman154.jpgWe couldn’t wait to read Dog Fancy’s feature “45 People Who Changed the Dog World.” Not only was the list inspiring, we were thrilled to see two of our partners included in the list: renowned veterinary behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman and innovative animal welfare advocate Betsy Banks Saul.

Dr. Dodman is a consulting veterinarian for Halo who helps us ensure that we’re helping pets be as healthy as possible. He also shares his advice on the Halo blog to help you better understand your pets’ behavior.

Dog Fancy notes that Dodman was one of the first to create a clinic dedicated to animal behavior. He founded his Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in 1986: almost thirty years ago!

Dr. Dodman is also the Chief Scientific Officer for the Center for Canine Behavior Studies, of which the Halo Pet Foundation is a corporate sponsor. The Center for Canine Behavior Studies is currently putting together its inaugural study examining how owner personality and psychological status affect the behavior of pet dogs. We’re sure that the results will continue to improve the world for dogs and those who love them.

I’m so happy (but not at all surprised) that Halo is partnering to help ensure local projects posted on get the attention they deserve.

Betsy Banks Saul is on the board of the animal welfare-focused crowdfunding site – of which Halo is the founding sponsor.

Betsy shared with us her hopes for the future and how she sees as a natural outgrowth of her work as the co-founder of

“One thing we saw over and over at Petfinder was that, when it comes to animals in trouble, people genuinely want to help on a deeply personal level. gives you a chance to have real personal power over your impact. You really feel that you are a part of the project you choose which is incredibly satisfying. Halo has always been about making a real difference in the lives of animals. I’m so happy (but not at all surprised) that Halo is partnering to help ensure local projects posted on get the attention they deserve.”

We’re incredibly proud to work with both of these amazing individuals. We’re also grateful that we can do our part because of you. Your purchases allow Halo to donate more than 1.5 million meals yearly to pets in need. Thank you – and here’s to continuing to change the pet world for the better!

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