cranky3-lgThanks to Love Meow for sharing this adorable story about an unusual cat friendship.

It all began one day when Lancelot the cat was outside on a leash with his owner. A neighbor cat came into Lancelot’s yard. Lancelot’s owner was shocked when her cat, who doesn’t usually like cats in his domain, took a liking to this new friend and the two cats hit it off.

The Neighbor Cat started coming by frequently. The two feline buds would companionably hang out in the yard or, if Lancelot was inside, his friend would sit outside the window to let him know he was there.

Eventually, the Neighbor Cat started meowing at Lancelot’s back door to come in. One day Lancelot’s owner allowed him in and the two feline buddies would run around the house, wrestle, hang out in the window and take naps together. Eventually, the neighbor cat would meow at the door and go home.

Click here to read the complete story.

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