Thanks to Halo Cat Food- Baby Blue is able to keep food down!

We at Halo love hearing from our customers and sharing their Halo story. It makes us smile knowing that pets are doing well on our holistic pet food. Our companion animals cannot make choices by themselves and they do rely on pet parents. Halo is committed to delivering exceptional cat food and dog food that you can trust and your pet will love.

Recently a Halo customer from Canada, Latisha M., shared with us via Facebook the story of her 14-year-old cat named Baby Blue and how Halo Holistic Sensitive Stomach Seafood Medley recipe helped her little one keep food down and stay down. She says:

“Hello ! I would like to help you promote your cat food , because every cat owner needs to know my cats story . My cat Baby Blue doesn’t get sick every day & night now . This brand really works ! & Baby Blue is 14 years old , & she use to get sick from two to three times during the day , & at least one to two times during the night . I didn’t know how she was even staying alive with not being able to hold down food . This food she holds down . I’ve been using it for two months now , & the difference is mind blowing. Also I should mention that Baby Blue is allergic to chicken and is prone to urinary track infections . I tried many cat foods out there , none of it worked , and I put her on the cat food from the vets for urinary track infection cat food and she was still getting sick during the day and night , anywhere from 6 to 8 times in total in one day . With Halo cat food my cat doesn’t get sick once.

Your cat food is making my cat live longer , as she now after all these years is finally at a normal healthy weight my vet said , & with no allergic reactions to the cat food , no dry skin , no itching , no vomiting , and no bladder infection , and no urinary track infection . Baby Blue is a happy kitty.” 

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Latisha. We really appreciate you taking the time to share Baby Blue’s story. We hope she continues to live a happy and healthy life. 

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