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Sleeping with dogs?

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Coronavirus

March has proven to be a real challenge worldwide as new information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has been growing exponentially. A number of pet parents have expressed concern about how to protect themselves, and their pets. Let’s look at the realistic risk to pets and their care -givers from this novel virus.

March Madness!

Global Pet reminded me is how overwhelming it can be to be a pet parent these days. Navigating all the different products, from protective gear and clothing to diets, snacks, treats and supplements can be challenging. Every product has its own spin, every company has their own way of promoting pet well-being just as every pet parent has their own way of doing things. This leaves us with what can be a mind-bending experience of trying to best for our animals.
Vetsulin for Diabetic Cat

Ask The Vet: Vetsulin for Diabetic Cat

Question: Hi! Our cat Scooter has been taking novolin for about 6 months. His numbers vary quite a bit even though we feed him at same time and give him his insulin at the same time. They range from 80 to 380 depending on the time of day. We are thinking of changing him to


Question: My11 year old, long hair Chihuahua, has been on heart meds for a few years. The Vet wants him to be on Senior formula dog food because of the lower sodium content. I’ve been using Nulo Senior Formula. I’d like to try your small breed dry food…just concerned about the sodium level. Any thoughts?