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therapy dog US swimming trials for the Olympics in Rio 2016

Therapy Dogs Help at U.S. Swimming Trials

At the recent U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, Neb., the athletes employed all types of tactics to keep calm and perform at their best, including snugging with friendly dogs! According to NY Daily News, this year, USA Swimming brought in 30 therapy dogs to help swimmers de-stress before their races. The group partnered with Domesti-PUPS,

KITTYKIND THANKS “ROOM” DIRECTOR LENNY ABRAHAMSON FOR HALO OSCARS DONATION recently shared this on Facebook: “Lenny Abrahamson, the director of the incredible movie “Room”, was nominated for Best Director this year. As part of Lenny’s Oscar nomination gift bag, and offered him the option of donating 10,000 Halo meals to the shelter of his choice. He chose KittyKind! And we chose to


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