bookcoverLong-time Halo Pets customer, Jeanie, is the star of her own children’s book, “Jeanie the 3-Legged Dog; I Don’t Need Four Feet”, in which she shares a powerful message of courage and acceptance.

It’s a heart-warming tale for dog lovers of all ages, reminding readers that anything is possible and it’s okay…even cool, to be different.

Born with a deformed front leg, vets removed Jeanie’s leg when she was very young, shortly after being rescued from the streets. She is now an advocate for other rescues with special needs, who are usually the last to be adopted.

A portion of the proceeds from her children’s book will be donated to local rescue operations in Jeanie’s home state of Louisiana.

Jeanie is also a therapy dog who once saved her cockatiel friend from a hawk attack and was even featured in the 2015 Petco Foundation calendar representing April.

You can follow Jeanie the 3-Legged Dog on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and order her book on Amazon.com.

We are so proud to have Jeanie as part of the Halo family and admire her hard work to bring awareness to pet adoption.


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VeganLiveVeganSmart posted on Instagram a story about her dog Zev, her pickiest dog, and her transition to Vegan diet. Here’s what she had to say:

“Fun Fact: The second longest living dog on record ate vegan! Records show she lived to the ripe age of 27! That’s 189 in dog years! After many years of entertaining the idea & going back and forth, I have finally decided that I am going to transition my doggies into a 100% vegan diet.

This is Zev, the pickiest of all my dogs, one of the reasons why I’ve been skeptical to feed him vegan dog food, but he dove into his food bowl and devoured those kibbles as soon as I set them down! I’ve done tons of research on this subject and I’m incredibly excited to be welcoming 2 more family members into the wonderful world of veganism.”

Thank you LiveVeganSmart for trying our Vegan Garden Medley recipe and we hope your dogs continue to live a happy and healthy life.

Read LiveVeganSmart’s original testimony.

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snake-lgIt’s not often a cat has an opportunity to rescue his owner but one cat in Australia didn’t hesitate to come between his owner and danger.

Denise Thynne of Queensland was gardening at her home when she grabbed a hose to water her flowers. She didn’t see there was a little snake underneath the hose until it was too late. The venomous red-bellied black snake bit her hand.

Seeing what happened, Thynne’s cat Skitzo, ran over to her owner, attacked the snake and killed it.

Click here to read the complete story.

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LizStellaHave you ever been rejected for a pet adoption? Have you been rejected more than once? Well, that was the case for Liz Baker, GreaterGood.org Executive Director.

Liz shares how she was recently rejected to adopt a dog for the third time in her life. She says:

“Having now spent most of my professional life in animal welfare as VP of Petfinder.com, Executive Director of the Petfinder.com Foundation and now Executive Director of GreaterGood.org, as well as board member, foster and volunteer for many, many animal welfare groups, I am well-schooled in adoption practices.

I actually appreciate the care that goes into ensuring that pets are matched with suitable homes. Sadly, as in my case today, oftentimes well-meaning volunteers make a bad or unreasonable call, losing site of the goal—which is to get pets out of shelters into loving homes.”

Read Liz’ full article, “Why I Was Turned Down by a Rescue Group”.

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On this week’s “Dog Talk” I interviewed Kim Dower, a wonderful California poet who read aloud many of her dog-themed poems. I was struck by one in particular, that will be appearing for the first time in her upcoming third book of poetry, “Last Train to the Missing Planet.”

She gave me permission to reprint it before the book even comes out so more people can enjoy it. I think it captures the essence of the wondrous moments of bringing a new dog into your family (whether a puppy or older one) and embarking on that thrilling new relationship, beginning with giving the pup a name.


Naming the Puppy

They’re young and in love
so they think of human names:
Zoe, Ruby, Judy — like the name
of a girl you’d sit next to in math.
They move on to dog baby names,
Lamby, Girl, Puppy.
They like Puppy so for an hour,
that’s what she’s called.
Come here, Puppy, they sing,
her paws — pink, tender — slide
across the room. Puppy’s a sweet name,
I tell them, but soon your puppy
won’t be a puppy, and when she hurtles
through the park her teeth locked
onto a sloppy stick, a pit bull chasing her down,
how’ll it sound when you call, Puppy, Puppy,
your voices airy as frisbees floating
across the grass. I watch the puppy lick
my son’s lips, nibble his girlfriend’s nose,
devour their faces, as if they were made of sugar,
devoted fur ball all ears and eyes,
eyes that have been on this earth before.
By dinnertime her name is Gwen,
a star’s name, a nurse’s, or what you’d call
the middle child of a noisy family.
I watch Gwen pour herself
into their arms. There is no name
for the way she loves them.
No name for a sun that shines only for you.

Tracie began her fascination with dogs and cats by turning her eye as a former investigative reporter on every aspect of living with them, resulting in her encyclopedic resources THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and then the THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know. Before long, Tracie was established as a leading pet wellness advocate as her all-encompassing books covered everything from medical issues to behavior, nutrition and environmental enrichment.
Tracie began her career as a radio personality with a live show – DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) – on the local NPR station in the Hamptons, Peconic Public Broadcasting (WPPB) from Southampton, New York (the show is now also carried on the NPR station Robinhood Radio in Connecticut and the Berkshires). DOG TALK® won a Gracie® Award (the radio equivalent of an Oscar) in 2010 as the “Best entertainment and information program on local public radio” and continues weekly after more than 450 continuous shows and 9 years on the air. Tracie’s live weekly call-in show CAT CHAT® was on SiriusXM satellite radio for seven years until the Martha Stewart channel was canceled in 2013.

Tracie lives in Vermont where the Radio Pet Lady Network studio is based, on 13 acres well-used by her all-girl pack – two lovely, lively Weimaraners, Maisie and Wanda, and a Collie-mix, Jazzy.

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