6 Ways to Celebrate Dog Moms This Mother’s Day

dog mom

Do you know a proud dog mama? This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate the hard work she does to caring for her furry loved ones as well.

  • Custom Pet Portraits. You can find artists on sites like Etsy who can take a pet photo and create a masterpiece for the dog mom in your life. 
  • Book a pet-friendly getaway. Doesn’t have to be a big vacation spot but she would probably love to go to a new place with her furry best friend. You can go to websites like BringFido.com to discover pet-friendly restaurants, events, activities, etc.
  • Donate to a shelter on her behalf.Was her dog a rescue? Nothing feels good than to give back to people who help animals in need. Donate to her favorite rescue as a dog mom’s love extends to all dogs!
  • Dog-related gifts.T-shirts, mugs and purses are just a few examples of items that can brighten her day. Shop at places like The Animal Rescue Site, which has tons of gifts for moms AND a percentage of the sales goes to feeding shelter pets. 
  • Gifts for her dog.Sure every mom wants a gift for Mother’s Day but why stop there. Her little one can get toys, dog treats or food
  • Spend time together. Go on long walks with her and her dog or simply lounge on the couch watching TV. By including her dog in Mother’s Day activities, she will appreciate having her entire family being together.

Bonus: National Dog Mom Day is May 11th, the second Saturday of the month. Use #DogMomsDay to share pictures of her and her dog on social media. 

One thought on “6 Ways to Celebrate Dog Moms This Mother’s Day

    May 7, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    My son and husband are giving me a donation to Best Friends for Kitten Kuddlers.
    And I’m so glad – I have enough stuff. And I love all animals, and adore cats.
    And dogs get most of the press here, and on other sites. Makes lots of us sad.
    Is there a National Cat Mom Day? I’d like to celebrate.

    You COULD suggest a donation to a mom’s favorite shelter without specifying dogs.
    It just reinforces cats’ second-class status – ALL animals should be cared about.
    I click here and the ARS every day – for all.

    ~ Proud Cat Mom (who would like to see this in the comments)

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