Author: Karen Scholl

Doggie Wrestling. Why Fight It?

Fetch is fun. Treats are tops. But for some doggos, wrestling is really where it’s at. For puppies, wrestling is actually a way to learn acceptable behavior. Wrestling with other dogs will teach them how to interact with each other and how tough to play.
A Cat named Meatball

Release Your Indoor Cat’s Inner Hunter

At Halo®, we spend a lot of time thinking about what cats should eat—real whole meat that’s ethically sourced and non-GMO fruits and vegetables—but not as much time thinking about how they eat it. Now some veterinarians and animal behaviorists suggest feeding alternatives that provide indoor cats with enrichment and satisfy their natural instinct to hunt, like giving them opportunities to search for their food.

Does Your Cat Have Tortitude?

While experts debate the accuracy of the science, cat moms and dads consistently report key personality traits associated with the color of their cat’s coat, which is dictated by genetic makeup.