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Rosie-smIn the debate over whether nature or nurture is more important in a baby’s development, there’s one kitten who’s making a big case for nurture – a kitten raised by Siberian huskies who now seems to think she is one!

According to Life with Cats, Rosie was only a few weeks old when she was rescued and taken in by a family in California. The Bui sisters, Thi, Thoa and Tram, a family of animal lovers, already had a trio of beautiful huskies.

The first night Rosie was with her new family she didn’t seem to be doing well so the Buis let her snuggle with Lilo, a motherly, nurturing member of the husky clan. Lilo accepted her job and took it very seriously and soon was protecting and caring for Rosie as if she were her own puppy.

The Buis were a bit surprised by the depth of Lilo’s devotion to the kitten. The husky had never had puppies of her own and had been spayed just the week before Rosie came to stay.

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Halo donates a bowl to animals in Need for every purchase. #HaloFeedItForward