Halo Food on Its Way to Help Louisiana Flooding Victims

Louisiana Flooding Relief Rescue Pets

Earlier this month, Louisiana had a prolonged rainfall creating massive floodings across the state. Shelters had to rescue hundreds of pets and animals, which resulted in many facilities being overcrowded and in need of food.

A Louisiana Petco store manager contacted us expressing a desperate need of food donations. Thanks to Halo Pets customers and those who play Freekibble.com, we are able to donate 100,000 bowls of food. We’ll then be working with The Humane Society of the United States to make sure it gets to the shelters that need it the most.

How can you help? Every time you buy Halo Pets, we donate a bowl to a shelter. Play Freekibble.com’s daily trivia and spread the word to help animals in need.

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