Warren Eckstein on Why Dogs Eat Poop

Warren Eckstein, host of The Pet Show, is an internationally known pet and animal expert. Warren has devoted over thirty years to teaching both pets and their people to live happily together through his unique “Hugs and Kisses” approach to animal behavior, care and training. He recommends Halo pet food to all of his listeners.

Listen to this audio clip of him letting us know that dogs who eat their own poop most likely are having a problem digesting their food or pet parents are not giving them the right food. Warren suggests giving the listener’s dog Halo. He says, “If the dog is not digesting his food properly, at least with Halo we know …(the food) is very digestible.” He also sends the listener a Halo gift basket to try!

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4 Responses to Warren Eckstein on Why Dogs Eat Poop

  1. Anne Akers says:

    Four chihuahuas not related. One of them eats the oldest dogs
    poop leaves the other three poops alone??????????????????

    • Nancy Dirks-Monasky says:

      Haha… I have 2 Beagles. The young male will not leave the older female’s poop alone!!! Does not go after other dogs poop. So frustrated by this!! Ewww?

      • Barbara says:

        My beagle Brittany Spaniel mix eats the cat’s poop. I have lots of cats. It’s hideous. He doesn’t discriminate.

  2. Violet says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe this. I love Halo foods but don’t try to sell them with this kind of reasoning.

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