Facebook Group Rescues Lost Blind Cat

freddie the cat

In January, a seven-year-old blind cat got lost outside his home in Waltham, England. The weather in January was bitterly cold and dangerous for a cat used to the indoors. Thankfully, due to Facebook and the kindness of concerned cat lovers, his story has a happy ending.

According to the Grimsby Telegraph, Freddie is seven years old and blind in both eyes. When he got lost in freezing weather, his owner was understandably scared. Thankfully, Fiona Bradley had started a Facebook group, Cats Lost and Found Rescue Grimsby Facebook group, where people could post about their lost cats in that part of England. Members of the group look for lost cats and share photos of cats they find to help reunite cats with their families. Freddie’s photo was posted to the group in hopes that someone had spotted him. Despite the discomfort of freezing temperatures, people began searching the fields around his village.

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