Adopted One-Eyed Cat Protects Owner from Intruder

Australian cat Mannie

Photo Credit: Yahoo 7 News


Australian cat Mannie may only have one eye, but that didn’t keep him from spotting a home intruder! Mannie immediately alerted his human best friend to what he’d seen! As that best friend, Andrew, told Yahoo 7 News, “Who needs a guard dog when you’ve got a cat?”

Andrew adopted the former stray in December 2016, about five months before the heroic incident. The young gentleman and his cat live in Adelaide, near the coast of South Australia. In the early hours one Tuesday morning this past April, Andrew woke up to Mannie loudly meowing, unusual behavior for the sweet natured cat.

“I made my way to the back of the house and I found a complete stranger in my dining room,” Andrew said. Andrew confronted the man. The intruder then ran outside and hopped in a waiting getaway car. However, as the car sped away Andrew was able to spot its license plate. Because of that vital information, police were soon able to track down the car and arrest a 45-year-old man who they believe was the intruder.

In gratitude for Mannie’s bravery, Andrew told reporters that he would be giving Mannie “a little extra for dinner” as a treat. We think Mannie deserves whatever he wants as his reward!

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