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Where was the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet born?

Lil BUB eating Halo wet cat food

While Lil BUB touches lives across the United States, she was discovered as the runt of a healthy litter in a tool shed in rural Indiana. In addition to her book, TV show, and movie, BUB has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for animals in need. As a special needs cat, BUB has had to overcome many challenges herself, so now she raises money through Lil BUB’s Big Fund at the ASPCA, which then gets distributed through grants to organizations across the country helping homeless pets with special needs.

More about BUB:

Favorite food: Halo wet cat food to keep her hydrated

Favorite app: Weather BUB

Favorite movie: Lil BUB & Friends

Favorite quote: “GOOD JOB BUB”

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52 thoughts on “Where was the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet born?”

  1. Oh, how precious. I had a special needs kitty (deaf) that was the light of my life. I now have two special needs kitties, one with kidney disease and one with chronic respiratory illness. God bless the people who care for gods little special needs angels.

  2. As the devoted companion and helper to a kitty with severe birth abnormalities (only one developed eye, deformed front legs, abnormal kidneys and other internal organs) who has just passed her 18th Birthday (!), I can confidently say that animals don;t know they are “different”. They make do, and the results are amazing!

  3. Thank goodness for her “Dude” for finding, caring and loving her! She has touched so many lives, and thru her strength and bravery, can show that anyone (or aanycat!) can do amazing things!

  4. My little Callee is special needs with front legs slightly akimbo.She’s polydactyl &extremely adept
    with a variety of tasks.A special education specialist, I’ve always thought we were a perfect match-& it’s true. Welcome updates re L’BUB. Amazing life he’s living, amazing good! SMS

  5. It is amazing that Lil’ Bub survived and found a wonderful furever home. So many of us are delighted to see her on Facebook and read about her ongoing good works. Thank you for sharing. May you have a long healthy life.

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Halo donates a bowl to animals in Need for every purchase. #HaloFeedItForward