What’s the Hottest Challenge That’s Giving Dogs Even More Internet Fame?

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Snoot Challenge

Photo credit: Pets Insider

Want to make your pooch a pro at the Snoot Challenge?

1. Use your fingers—or your hands—to make a hole big enough for your dog’s nose

2. Hold a mouthwatering, irresistible Liv-A-Littles® treat inside it

3. Watch you send his snoot straight through for his treat

4. Let them know how awesome they are!


Manny and Friends with Liv-a-Littles Treats

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5 Responses to “What’s the Hottest Challenge That’s Giving Dogs Even More Internet Fame?”

  1. joyce verani

    No. 3 makes no grammatical sense! This entire thing is stupid and sounds like mini-abuse to me!!

  2. JanisB

    I tried this with our 90-pound great dane mix — made a circle with the fingers of both hands and held it in front of my face. He put his cute snoot right through — no other treat necessary! (And yes I gave him a tummy rub to let him know how awesome he is.)

  3. Carolyn Taylor

    I volunteer at two cat rescues in Prescott, Arizona. When the cats see me walk through the door at the rescues with a jar of treats, they know that the “treat lady”is here. I give the cats at both cat rescues Halo freeze-dried chicken breasts which they all love. They follow me around like “puppy dogs” Also, my own two cats and my Miniature Schnauzer love these treats.
    I also love them because I know how healthy they are for my fur babies. Thank you for supplying such a healthy treat. Carolyn


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