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The (Therapeutic) Power of Dogs

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So happy my mom was home this morning to take me away from those cats! Too bad cats…you can’t go. #morningwalk #walkingthedog #dogwalking #dogsofinstagram #dogs #nocatsallowed A post shared by Adventures of Bristol & Pops (@bpadventuresatx) on Dec 14, 2018 at 7:50am PST The mere act of owning a pet means we have at least […]

Waiting for the Welcome Waggin’ This Holiday?

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Ever wonder if your dog misses you when you’re gone? Or, gulp, if they’ll forget you if you’re gone long enough? As millions of college students return home on winter break and adult children return to their parents’ homes for holiday celebrations, they’re bound to find out. Researchers have started to uncover more about whether […]

No Halo Products Affected By Vitamin D Pet Food Recalls

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As pet parents, we too find pet food recalls to be scary, so we want to assure you that Halo is not affected by the recent recall in which several pet foods have been found to have unsafe levels of vitamin D. According to, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the presence […]

The Coolest Cat Video You Haven’t Seen Yet

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It’s not news that, unlike dogs who are drawn to us for nearly all their social and functional needs, cats are pretty independent creatures. Now though, scientists at Georgia Tech know one reason why. Maybe our dogs don’t love it when we groom them, but the truth is they need it. Cats, however, figured this […]

Need Help Sleeping at Night? Consult Your Dog.

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As the temperatures drop, now you’ve got more reasons to make it a 1-, 2-, or 3-dog night. The Journal of the National Society of Anthrozoology just reported that women say their sleep is less disturbed and they have greater feelings of security and comfort when a dog sleeps in their bed. While 55 percent […]