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7 Ways to Protect Your Pets in an Emergency

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Here’s some good advice from some animal-loving friends Down Under, about managing risks to our pets during emergencies. With all the weather-related emergencies around the United States, and beyond, I found good information in this article in “The Conversation,” about ways to prepare for emergencies with our pets. While the details of Australian emergency situations […]

Do You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face?

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How do you feel about letting your dog lick you in the face (or elsewhere!)? It turns out there are many sides to the answer and expert opinions aside, people seem to embrace dog kiss as a welcome sign of affection. This week on DOG TALK we replayed an “evergreen” show about whether you should allow […]

Joe. Maisie. And The Cheese.

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This is a little story about how dogs learn, and especially how we can communicate to them certain behaviors, which displease us. Most importantly, it’s a story about how/when/if to reprimand a dog for having engaged in one of those behaviors. This story is especially useful for new dog owners, or those whose ideas about […]

Crowd-Sourced Canine Behavior Study

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Join a Historic Study of Canine Behavior before January 15, 2018! How does this sound: answer a few questions about your own dog(s) behavior and in doing so, contribute to helping save the lives of other pooches in shelters? At the same time, you might get an insight into some of the issues dogs can […]