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Did You Need Yet Another Reason Not to Buy a Puppy from a Pet Store?

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Pet Store Puppies Represent a Chain of Suffering By now I hope we’re all clear on the immorality of purchasing puppies from pet stores. All the puppies in any pet store have been procured through a series of transactions, beginning with the mass production (or “factory farming”) of dogs, after which they are inventoried by […]

With a Whole Lot of Difference™ – the New Halo Food Has Arrived!

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I’ve been waiting for weeks since I learned about the amazing new food Halo was creating for it to finally be available. Now I can crow about it from the rooftops! What’s worth celebrating is that Halo, as “America’s best loved holistic pet food,” is now even more committed to uphold their underlying philosophy. Nothing […]

The Scoop On Grain-Free Dog Food

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“Grain-free” is often a distorted concept in pet food, even though some dog owners believe that pet food identified this way is of special value. “Grain-free” pet foods were developed and marketed in response to what people were seeking, perhaps as part of a human dietary trend to avoid carbohydrates, rather than the actual nutritional […]

Is Whisker Fatigue In Cats Really A “Thing?”

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This article in the New York Times about kitties having “whisker fatigue” during eating may sound a bit new-agey, but does a wonderful job of acknowledge the sensitivity of a cat’s whiskers – and the insult to our cats when we ask them to eat out of bowls that do not recognize the actual physical […]

Horsing Around With Your Dog!

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One of the topics on this week’s Dog Talk® was a lively conversation I had with Marc Bekoff, the dog expert and educator, who has written too many impressive animal-oriented books to list! Marc is a fun and modest gentleman – despite his Phd and many accomplishments – and he likes to encourage us to […]