DonnaNewPicCroppedQuestion: My cat is 2 years old and last night we came home after only being gone for an hour to find multiple piles of vomit. He has vomited a couple times today but not nearly as much.

Two of the piles were a sticky gooey substance with a trace of red that might’ve been blood or partially digested food I’m not sure.

We don’t have the money for a vet and I am getting really worried about him. If anyone could help me that would be amazing. Thank you.

Answer: Thanks for writing in. I hope your cat is feeling better. Vomiting can have many causes which range from basic and non-specific gastroenteritis to more severe cause like ingestion of a foreign body or an underlying medical condition.

If vomiting is severe or becomes persistent in any cat, it should be evaluated by a veterinarian. It is completely acceptable to alert a veterinarian to any existing financial limitations but an examination can often give many clues as to an underlying cause. A veterinarian will also be able to provide appropriate supportive care to help get a cat feeling better as well.

Hope this information helps.
Dr. Donna Spector

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