Making a WHOLE lot of Difference: City of Elderly Love

City of Elderly Love is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue dedicated to saving and enriching the lives of homeless senior pets in the Philadelphia area. Utilizing volunteer foster homes, they aim to rescue these animals from potential euthanasia at area animal shelters as well as prevent older animals from entering the shelter-system in the first place, when possible. 

Thanks to food donations with Halo’s partnership with and, City of Elderly Love programs are making a difference in Philadelphia and surrounding communities.

Here’s what City of Elderly Love had to say about a recent Halo donation:

“The Halo pet food grant has freed up funds typically used to cover the cost of pet food and has allowed us to reallocate it to provide veterinary care to new senior pets coming from the shelter.

Mechanic is a 14-year-old cat who was rescued from Philadelphia’s animal control shelter by City of Elderly Love after his lifelong family had to surrender him due to a change in living situation. Mechanic was in desperate need of a dental cleaning with extractions in order to be able to eat comfortably. He is recovering well from his dental and will soon be feeling better as ever. Mechanic will soon be on the hunt for a forever home!”

Thank you City of Elderly Love for making a WHOLE lot of difference for pets in your community.

When you choose Halo pet food, made from real WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish, and NO “meat meal” of ANY kind, your pet won’t be the only one with a radiant coat, clear eyes and renewed energy. Halo feeds it forward, donating over 1.5 million bowls annually. As always, Halo will donate a bowl to a shelter every time YOU buy. Thank you for helping #HaloFeeditForward.

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