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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Cat


Earth day is April 22nd. It is a time to understand the important environmental issues and to take action to help protect our planet. Since 1970, we have been actively honoring the Earth by planting trees, taking nature walks and hosting and attending festivals to raise awareness and support for environmental protection. 

So what can you and your cat do to help the planet? Here are five ways you can reduce carbon paw-print. 

Donate to shelters. Does your cat have a new bed? Want to upgrade her toys? Donate her old ones to a shelter. While many cats are awaiting their forever home, they can certainly use these items in their kennels. Many shelters will certainly appreciate the donation as they would like to free up the funds for medical and other procedures. 

Consider a biodegradable litter. The most popular cat litter is clay litter because it is effective, affordable and accessible. However, this has some seriously drawbacks because it is both environmentally damaging and potentially dangerous to your cat’s health. Look for a cat litter that is made from biodegradable ingredients and doesn’t have artificial fragrances or silica dust that can make your cat sick.

Feed holistic cat foodHolistic cat food like Halo uses real WHOLE meat and never any rendered “meat meals.” We source wild caught seafood from sustainable fisheries and work with farms that raise animals naturally, with room to roam and without use of antibiotics to promote growth. We are proud to have met the standards of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), two independent organizations that evaluate companies’ sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.  

Use pet-friendly cleaning products. Many cleaning solutions are harmful to all animals. Try using a pet-safe alternative that doesn’t contain bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol or any other harmful chemical. Instead look for products that are eco-friendly and made with biodegradable ingredients.

Buy or make your own eco-friendly toys. Cats love to play so instead of buying them a low-quality toy that can be ripped to shreds in less than a minute and then thrown out easily can be bad for the environment. Instead, look for eco-friendly toys or make your own! Green cat toys can be found in major pet supply stores and you can check out some YouTubes videos on how to make some fun cat toys.

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  1. We use a corn based cat litter that is totally biodegradable n it is much better for clumping n odor than any clay litter we ever tried. At a pet store ask for flushable cat litter to find good biodegradable brands. There are good ones available. If the first u try is not satisfactory try another brand. You can have eco-friendly n good quality.

  2. Petco carries an unscented litter made from recycled paper. It needs no scooping except for the poop, and is very lightweight, no dust, no artificial fragrances. As the week goes on, it becomes heavier as the paper absorbs the water. Then, the BEST thing is – when you dump the contents of the litter box into the trash, there’s no need to wash the litter box! Amazingly, the box is scent-free and clean, ready for more paper litter. It’s called So Phresh – https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/cat/cat-litter/non-clumping-cat-litter/so-phresh-odor-control-paper-cat-litter

  3. WRT, in case you didn’t notice, this is Halo’s own blog, so why shouldn’t they mention their own products? I just wish they sold Halo pet food in Israel!

  4. Halo pet food is the best and many have never heard of it. It’s fine to let people know about good products rather than the over advertised “not so good” food. Someone has to pay for these articles. These are great examples of what to do with your cat on Earth Day and any day.

  5. I started selling Halo in the 80’s in my beauty supply/holistic pet store! It was the best then – the pioneer in healthy pet products….40 years Later I still use, support, promote & respect Halo.

    Ellen, you’re doing a great job!

    PS recommend 100% flushable corn litter….doesn’t fill up landfills!

    Please support Ellen’s Flights to Freedom which flies excess dogs & cats from overpopulated area or disasters to areas they are adopted as they are unloaded from the plane! Only $5 @ to fly an animal.

    Thanks, Ellen, for feeding all the shelter animals too! You are definitely making a positive difference in the world! We love you????

  6. Amazing healthy food! Amazing processing, supports sustainable policies, supports shelters…everyone benefits, wish other companies had as much integrity

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Halo donates a bowl to animals in Need for every purchase. #HaloFeedItForward