“No More Diarrhea” Thanks to Halo Cat Food

Jazz eats Halo Holistic Sensitive Stomach recipe for cats

Halo customer, Megan A., shared with us via Facebook the story of her 11-year-old cat named Jazz and how Halo Holistic Sensitive Stomach Seafood Medley recipe helped her little one’s digestive health. She says:

“Just wanted to say thank you! Your food is absolutely amazing! I wish I would have found it years ago. My cat has had diarrhea for years. To the point she couldn’t make it to the litter boxes and was pooping everywhere. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on vet bills and different medicines and countless different foods! UNTIL I found your food she’s been on it 2 full weeks now and I finally have my baby back! The change I’ve seen in her in this short amount of time is absolutely amazing! I didn’t think I’d ever be able to help her. She became so withdrawn hiding all the time and never out. With your food her bowel movement’s are normal – “no more diarrhea or accidents anywhere.” She’s out and about being social. She back to being my snuggle bug! After a good 4 years of struggling to help her all it took was your food! Thank you so much!”

Megan, thank you for sharing your story with us and we hope your Jazz continues to do well on Halo natural cat food.

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