Halo Donates to the Big Fluffy Dogs Rescue

Halo was happy to donate over 250 cases of canned food to the pups at the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Nashville. Dogs love the real WHOLE meat, poultry, and fish aromas and smooth texture of Halo canned dog food. You’ll love how Halo uses real WHOLE protein and no “meat meal,” like “chicken meal” or “fish meal,” that our cans are BPA free, and that Halo dog food has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is an organization that is dedicated to helping giant mixed breed dogs in need. They value dogs of all breeds but they specialize in what the name says: BIG, FLUFFY DOGS!

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue works to save Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands and their mixes from euthanasia. They also have a fair assortment of honorary fluffies who don’t fall into the traditional fluffy mold but are with us anyway and we love their tiny/non-fluffy selves as much as the others.

Their dogs come into the rescue for many different reasons. Many were abandoned at high kill shelters. Some were turned in by owners who could not properly care for them and still others are failed livestock guardian dogs. Regardless of their origins, their goal for every dog we have is the same: a safe, happy home where each dog is a well-loved member of the family. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Meet a a few of the adoptable dogs!

Chauncey: Labrador Retriever Mix
Meet Chauncey. He’s a very handsome 50 is pound 2 year old Lab mix who came from a really bad hoarding case. Chauncey did not have many good interactions with people before coming to rescue, but since then he’s really starting to blossom into a wonderful, kind and gentle soul.
Learn more about Chauncey
Cruise: Border Collie Mix
Cruise is a 4 year old, 45 pound Border Collie Mix. He loves dogs and cats and is partial to the people he knows. He is happy to hang with his family, but likes to know who is coming for dinner! Because he is cautious of new people, we think it best he be in a home with children 12 and over. Crusie does great in his foster home, loves to snuggle and play and would do great with another dog in the home to play with.
Learn more about Cruise

Annie: Great Pyrenees Mix
Annie is a 3 year old/60 pound Pyr mix looking for her forever home. She loves to snuggle and get belly rubs. She is great on leash and good with all age 10 and up. She is a dog that prefers humans to other dogs, so she should be the only dog in your home.
Learn more about Annie

Learn more about all the adoptable dogs here!




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