Halo Covid 19 Relief: Cooper the Frenchie

We at Halo understand this has been a trying time for everyone. We want to do our part to give back and will be using our Halo Pet Foundation to help aid communities in need. To spread the love, we will be sharing a wide variety of the activities undertaken on our social media platforms. We are partnering with our Halo brand ambassadors, along with different pet rescue organizations and first responders, to give back to communities across the United States—both for shelter pets and the people that are on the front lines, keeping us all safe.

“Earlier this month Cooper had the amazing opportunity to partner with Halo Pets’ Covid-19 Relief and Manny & Friends. The Covid-19 Relief recognized essential workers in the Austin area while also supporting a local restaurant. We chose the Leander Police Department and Austin Pets Alive! to show our gratitude.  

On April 30, 2020, we had delicious lunches from Chi’Lantro delivered to our officers on the frontlines. Cooper was so excited to meet brave officers from our local community and enjoyed all of the hugs and affection from everyone there. He took fun pictures with some of them and didn’t spare a single kiss! We thanked them for all they are doing to keep our town safe. Later that afternoon we received a message from a Sergeant thanking us for our generosity!

The next day we were able to show our gratitude to all of the people at Austin Pets Alive! who have been tirelessly working to save our furry friends. We were able to pose with some of the staff holding their lunches from Chi’Lantro. In addition, we dropped off some tasty Halo Pets products for our four-legged friends (because we couldn’t leave them out!). Cooper made sure to kiss as many APA! team members as possible! 

Our hearts were full knowing that we, Halo Pets and Manny & Friends, were able to fill the tummies of our frontline essential workers in our community. We are forever grateful for this heartwarming opportunity and honor all those who are still courageously working on the frontlines–thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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