Better Choice Company Covid-19 Relief Initiative

We have exciting news to share! As part of the Better Choice Company Covid-19 Relief Initiative, sister brands Halo and TruDog have partnered together with iHeart Radio to provide much needed support to animal shelters. Together we donated $100,000 in monetary funds and $100,000 worth of product to shelters nationwide. Our Covid 19 Relief Initiative included shelters in Atlanta, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Long Island NY, and San Francisco.

Our Covid-19 relief efforts will be broadcasted on iHeart radio stations throughout the nation this week. Radio stations include: 

WHTZ-FM “Z-100”

WUBL-FM “94.9 The Bull”


WOLT-FM “ALT 103.3”

KOST-FM “KOST 103.5”

KISQ-FM “98.1 The Breeze”

Plus, the station lineup for the “John J and Rich Show”, including 

KSME-FMGreeley/Ft CollinsCO
KKCY-F2Colusa/Yuba CityCA
KVUU-FMPueblo/Col SpringsCO
KZBB-FMPoteau/Ft SmithOK
KCEZ-FMLos Molinos/ChicoCA
KGTM-FMShelley/Idaho FallsID

We believe that each and every animal impacts our lives and ultimately plays a role in improving our collective well-being. This includes sheltered animals, and that’s why we take giving back so seriously—to help nourish and transform shelter pets to help give them their very best chance at a forever home.

Stay tuned for more activities regarding our Covid 19 Relief Initiative by following our progress on our social media pages!

One thought on “Better Choice Company Covid-19 Relief Initiative

  • Deanna Takahashi
    June 5, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    What about the shelters in Sacramento? We were around 97%, I believe, rehomed or rescued. Now because of C19, if I were to find a stray dog looking for it’s family all were told to foster it and if you can’t let it loose! C19 has drastically reduced staff and pets are also dying now that wouldn’t normally be out on the streets. We were told unless sick, injured, or aggressive they won’t come. There has been a white husky mix loose in the over 100 degree heat for at least a week and no one could catch him. They finally came out and got him because he befriended a sick bulldog and they were coming for him. When they picked them up the husky was seriously sunburned all over. It should not have happened. I don’t like seeing a company bragging when they help only a few and all need help.

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