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Fourth of July is scary for pets

Warren Eckstein: NOISE PHOBIAS – Stop the Suffering!

If your pet suffers from noise phobia, you probably cringe every time thunder­storms are forecast. Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July, you probably dread this firecracker-filled holiday. Dogs in particular, with their keen sense of hearing, often suffer from noise phobia and their frightened behavior can be stressful for their owners as well. As
Dangerous Pet Toys

Warren Eckstein: Dangerous Pet Toys

The holidays are here, and the pet shops are crammed with toys. Many of them look like great fun but you should check any toy very carefully before purchasing, just as you would if you were choosing something for a baby or small child. Can your pet chew or pull off any loose pieces from
Holiday Dangers for Pet

Warren Eckstein’s Holiday Food Alert

Would you know what to do if you walked into the room and found your dog or cat choking? If you are like the majority of pet owners, you’d probably panic and perhaps scramble to locate your vet’s phone number. While you should always keep your vet’s number (and the number of the nearest 24-hour

Fall Alert

As we enter Fall and the holiday season begins, there are steps you should take to ensure it’s a happy, healthy and safe season for both you and your pets: The holiday season means you may be doing a lot of entertaining at home. If you do any cleaning beforehand, be sure to keep all