Hero Cat Saves Trapped Neighbor

Ivy the cat from Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada

Many cat parents have brushed off their cats’ demands for attention. It’s a good thing that Mary Johnston on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada paid attention.

According to Nugget.Ca, Mary was reading one afternoon in September when her cat, Ivy, jumped into her lap. The two-year-old Siamese mix then immediately leaped from Mary’s lap to a nearby windowsill. Mary said that “Then she walked back over and jumped on me. It was like, ‘Hey, pay attention.’”

Ivy isn’t a particularly vocal cat according to her owner, but Mary felt that Ivy was clearly trying to communicate something. Because of Ivy’s actions, Mary stopped reading and noticed a noise outside the window. According to Mary, “it sounded more like a cat when they do that deep, growly yowl.”

Mary hurried outside, thinking that there was an animal who needed her help. To her surprise, Mary found her neighbor, Eric Russell, on a stepladder with his arm snagged in his garage door. Eric is 69 but had been trying to fix the garage door. According to Eric, at one point, the door shifted, forming “a tourniquet around my arm.”

Read the full story of how Ivy the cat saved her neighbor.

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