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Instagram Sensation Gibson the Goober “Will Only Eat Halo”

Gibson the Goober on Instagram

Instagrammer, Gibson the Goober, is a young pup with a growing following. This red heeler/rottweiler mix is an inspiration according to his mom, Kara. She says:

“Gibson is bright light in our lives. After we got him, I decided to make an Instagram for him, mostly as a joke, seeing as how I knew it would get a good reaction out of Alex (boyfriend). His Instagram took off! Soon, he became a little dog model for a bandana company. I loved the look of bandanas on him and then we tried our first bow tie. What a little gentleman he turned into. I learned how to make bow ties and after having so many friends ask for one I thought, maybe I should make this into a business. I have been really saddened by the Yulin Dog Meat Festival ever since I learned about it three years ago. I decided to open GstopYbowtie and donate 50% of each bow tie sold to helping rescue dogs in Yulin. Gibson was my inspiration to get an instagram, which led me to learn how to make bow ties, which is helping me save so many lives. We are so lucky to have him!”

Here’s what Kara had to say about Gibson and Halo Pets:

“We received a big box of food and treats from Halo and now Gibson will only eat Halo. We have an “open bowl” policy in our house, so the dogs eat when they are hungry as opposed to having two big meals a day. When we put Halo in the bowls, Gibson ate it all in one sitting. He has never done this before. He goes even more nuts for the food toppers. I spilt a little on the floor when we went to take a photo of him with it and I thought both dogs were going to eat the carpet, that’s how nuts they are about it. We tried to get them to finish off the rest of the old food but he refused to eat it. I guess once you go Halo, you don’t go back!”

Thank you Kara and Gibson for sharing your story and we hope Gibson continues to live a happy and healthy life!

My pawsome friends at @halopets sent me some really yummy food and treats to try after they found out how sensitive my little tummy is. The mix and mores is a food topper. All you have to do is add water to it and then put it on top of your normal food. Let me just tell you, this was amazing. I actually started drooling. Their cans of Spots Stew are so tasty. Mom likes that you can see real pieces of meat, carrots and peas in it. She was so thrilled about that she stopped by our local pet store to have them stock it on the shelves for us. Yay! I never finish a whole bowl of food, but after dad mixed in a can of this with my kibble it disappeared. I tried to convince mom that the cat stole it when I wasn’t looking so I could get more, but she has caught on to my tricks. They sent me a bag of adult dog chicken recipe dog food. The first ingredients are all meats which means it’s so good for me! They never add any rendered meats or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and never put any corn, wheat or wheat gluten in their food. The treats… Well let’s just say I loved them so much that they didn’t last long at all. Who doesn’t love a little chicken and cheese snack? All in all I give @halopets four paws up. That’s literally four paws in the air because I’m so full from all of their delicious treat. Thanks @halopets, you guys are the best.

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