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American Humane Rescues Pets from Hurricane Florence Flood Waters


American Humane - Hurricane Florence

When natural disasters strike, we are comforted to know—and honored to support—the organizations that devote themselves to helping our pets.

As residents in the Carolinas fled inland for safety in anticipation of Hurricane Florence, American Humane’s first responders headed straight for the targeted areas and successfully evacuated animals from shelters along the South Carolina coast before the storm hit. Once Florence did its damage, American Humane sent in its Northeast rescue vehicle to help with water rescues in severely flooded spots. Working alongside Code 3 Associates, American Humane used rescue boats in the flood waters to reach animals that needed their help.

We at Halo are relieved to have such courageous, dedicated people working hard for animals in need, and are proud that Halo Pet Foundation supports American Humane.

31 thoughts on “American Humane Rescues Pets from Hurricane Florence Flood Waters”

  1. Glad that I was able to send you a very modest donation this time, I see that so often the USA sends aid all over the world, I have not forgotten how the world turned it’s back when hurricane Katrina hit and you suffered as a country so much and the rest of the world sent zippo to our shame, I think the efforts of a few are amazing.

  2. Well done! Terrific! – May similar problems in Asia now find similar solutions and rescue teams for the animals too, if it is more likely to be in the way of’ cure’ rather than prevention this time around!

  3. I know when disaster strikes that people usually have to flee. And for those that didn’t plan or can’t take their animals with them, thank you to the responders who do go at great lengths to save these poor, stranded animals. A plan is the best to have so our pets stay safe. Kudos to you all!

  4. It is beyond me how those precious critters were left by their humans….During a fire in our area I took only 3 things and the first thing I took was my precious pup….Thank God for those amazing responders who worked so hard to save all lives.

  5. I think it’s amazing how they go out of their way to help these animals, because most of these pets in some case are left because they
    are not human (sad to say). But the ones that are reunited with their pets are overwhelmed i’m sure.

  6. Wow! It makes my heart sing to know there are such caring, dedicated people going all out to help our awesome pets. Thank you so much!
    Bruce Bushey
    Collingwood, ON, Canada

  7. THANK YOU!!! A MILLION TIMES, THANK YOU!!!!! Your all are so appreciated by all animal lovers around the world!!!!!(hearts inserted here!!) XOXOXO

  8. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to ALL of those involved in pet rescue following Florence. I was very lucky in that friends came for me AND my little cat after learning that I had decided to stay with her, come what may. Others, particularly those with children or aging parents to care for, could not make that decision.

  9. I am so very awed by the folks who put themselves at risk to help the vulnerable pets no one else charged with their care could or would help and protect. My heartfelt thanks for the effort and for giving me a little more hope about human kind.

  10. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing people risking their lives to save animals.
    It restores my faith with humankind and brings tears to my eyes everytime watch heroic deeds performed in order to save our fellow animals

  11. I commend anyone who did anything to help any of the animals during the Florence disaster. You are all heroes in my book!

  12. American Humane Responders are true Angels and Heroes. God Bless all of them for their good work in saving so many of our furry friends, What beautiful and kind hearts they have. Thank you so much one and all.

  13. I think I would rather Die than abandon my adopted Kitty Sapphire in the event of an evacuation disaster! I have a tote packed for myself and a tote for her in case it ever comes to that living here in the high Sierras. Please people! If you have a pet that is family and you Must take care of family!

  14. So glad,but, I have only seen U-Tube pictures of dogs being resued and even a chicken, but no pictures of cats being rescued. Even what was shown here did not actually show the rescues.

  15. God bless you brave men & women who save both human & animal beings! We sure do need more wonderful, courageous, selfless people like you in this world!

  16. God bless all you brave men & women who rescue human & animal beings! You are true heroes! We need more awesome, courageous, selfless people like you in this world! Thank you!

  17. Thank you, rescuers, for caring about the lives of helpless animals and doing the work you do to help them. You are heroes.

  18. Thank you, rescuers, for caring about helpless animals and going into dangerous places to save their lives. You are heroes.

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