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November 2017 Halo Web Store Special

For our blog and newsletter subscribers, here’s a special offer! When you order $50 or more this month, you’ll get: 20% off Free Shipping Order by 11/24 Use Coupon Code: GIVINGTHANKS20PCT Instructions Go to the Halo Web Store — Shop by adding Halo … Continue reading

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Is that the “Look of Love” in Your Dog’s Eyes?

You know how some dog trainers caution to never look a dog directly in the eye – that it can be threatening or intimidating or send a negative message along those lines? And might even incite a dog to go … Continue reading

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Former Stray Dog Becomes an Officer for the Marquette University Police Department

Cinderella had a pumpkin to help her find her fairytale ending. One stray dog in Oklahoma had an amazing multi-shelter transport program to help her go from a stray to an officer of the law attending a gala. The beautiful … Continue reading

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What Do You Think About Paid Leave for a Sick Pet?!

An article in the New York Times recently told of a woman who works at Sapienza University in Rome who asked for paid time off because her 12-year-old English setter needed surgery. “My dogs are my family, I had to … Continue reading

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Golden Retriever Saves His Lost Canine Sister

Knox, a Golden Retriever in Grand Lake, Oklahoma, deserves a hero’s cape and reward after finding his canine sister who had been lost, alone and hungry, for days. According to News On 6, although rewards, boats, and drones were unsuccessful … Continue reading

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