Meet Dr. Sarah Dodd, Our Independent Veterinary Consultant

Dr. Sarah Dodd

Dr. Sarah Dodd

Hello pet lovers!

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Sarah Dodd and I am a veterinarian with a special focus on companion animal nutrition. My studies have taken me around the world: I have lived in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, the United States of America and Canada – where I currently reside with my three happy rescue dogs Peppa, Dottie and Timmy.

I graduated from veterinary school in 2016, since then I have pursued my passion in nutrition with a clinical nutrition internship and a Master’s degree at the Ontario Veterinary College. I am currently completing my nutrition residency with the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition and enrolled in a PhD studying plant-based diets for pets.

My partnership here with Halo as an independent veterinary consultant has arisen from a mutual interest in sustainable, plant-based foods for pets. As a vegan veterinarian, I am not only committed to protecting and promoting animal health, but also to educating pet parents about the possibilities of plant-based diets for their companions. Part of my teaching role is in public outreach, through events, blogs, FAQs and the like, so expect to see more from me!

I look forward to many discussions of pet nutrition here, so please don’t hesitate to contact Halo with any queries you may have – your question may be the perfect blog post topic!

Take care of yourselves and your furry friends,

Dr. Sarah

5 thoughts on “Meet Dr. Sarah Dodd, Our Independent Veterinary Consultant

  • Ruth
    August 23, 2018 at 11:52 am

    Hi, Dr. Dodd.
    I adopted my cat when he was 5. He had a habit of chewing on his feet and belly and a very smart veterinarian said “take him off all poultry”
    He had been free feeding Iams dry food. I took him off that and all poultry. It took me 2 years to realize it was eggs, too.
    Point is, I’d be happy to buy HALO, but there is no Halo canned food without poultry or egg.
    As this is a common allergy, HALO might consider it.

  • chloe
    August 28, 2018 at 7:02 am

    I have a question about the feeding amount of the puppy chicken recipe, according the instructions, a 6lb/ 5month puppy, the feeding amount is 165 gram per day, is is correct ?
    and my dog only can eat 20 gram per meal, more than 20 gram, she vomited the food, how do I help her?

  • Maria Rance
    May 3, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    Hello, I just got a rescue kitten?
    So far she is doing great on a vegan diet. Lots of energy and is growing fast.
    I will take her for neutering about 6 months.
    What are your views on the vaccinations?
    I was given your name from the Vegans Cat FB Page. By a lovely lady.

  • Sau Leong
    July 9, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    Hi Dr Sarah,

    I am RVT and locum in Canada. UC Davis Small Animal hospital team offers the most comprehensive custom diet plans for all owners. They work with the owner’s vet and personal medical history to create the most nutritional diet one would like for their dogs! Check them out! Good luck in your endeavours! Please feel free to email me anytime, have a wonderful day! ?

  • Rita Votava
    March 31, 2020 at 11:10 pm

    I have a really picky Doxie age 7. He will only eat dry dog food from his Kong, which gives him one small meal a day. I have tried everything and his favorite is homemade chicken, veggies,etc. I have used Dr. Jones, the vet on the internet, diets. A friend gave me a case of Halo for a gift, and he is enjoying it somewhat. I still have to mix in chicken,veggies,etc. since a full diet of chicken stew is too costly. Any suggestions? I will appreciate any advice!!!!

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