Halo Indoor Cat Chicken Recipe – the Picky Eaters Choice in Healthy Cat Food

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Healthy Cat Food Cats Love and Cat Parents Trust

At Halo, we LOVE our customers!  We have a proud community of cat parents searching for healthy cat food who love the high-quality whole food ingredients in Halo and are very vocal about sharing their love for our products. In our conversations with them we learn a lot about the things that matter most in their search for healthy cat foodand at the top of their list is palatability.

Time and again cat parents tell us that picky cats choose Halo.  We’re not surprised – we know that cats are obligate carnivores who love healthy cat food made from quality WHOLE meat ingredients. They instinctively won’t eat anything that doesn’t meet with their highly selective sense of taste and smell.

Pet parents tell us they start feeding their cats Halo because they know it is a healthy, vet recommended cat food.  They continue to feed their cats Halo because their cats love it.  We have many wet cat food flavors that customers love, but of all of our products, our Indoor Cat Chicken Recipe Wet Cat Food receives top cat food ratings from customers who tell us their cats can’t get enough–some even say it is our best wet cat food flavor.  It’s not surprising then that Indoor Cat Chicken is one of our top selling wet cat food product.

Halo Indoor Cat Chicken Recipe receives many reviews – and we are thankful for the feedback!   The below review by Longfellow’s Pet Parent really speaks volumes about our products:

My Cat, Longfellow (a poet of sorts), is a diabetic and very hungry all of the time… yet, he is a very, very picky eater! I tried very expensive cat foods and more commonly known products on the pet food aisle. Nothing, and I mean nothing, made this little fellow happy. And then, Spot’s Pate arrived! He cannot get enough of it. Because it’s “gluten and grain free,” there are no additional risks for my diabetic Longfellow, and the real chicken (no by-products) and vegetables contribute to his health, while lowering his blood sugar levels. Longfellow’s brother and sister also love Spot’s food – Spot’s Stew… and seriously covet Longfellow’s Spot’s Pate breakfast and dinner. Longfellow’s veterinarian highly approves of Spot’s Pate. For those on a budget, it’s the best priced, high quality, canned cat food available. I recommend Spot’s Pate highly… and Longfellow recommends it, too! He says, “meow, meow, meow, meow, meow! “Translation: “It’s a five star dinner!”

Thank you Longfellow! There’s no better recommendation than a 5 paw review!

Halo wet and dry cat food independently each deliver all of your cat’s nutritional needs – we recommend adding our wet cat food to our dry cat food for added hydration. We also have many testimonials from cat parents who tell us that our dry food has improved their cat’s health, saying it is the healthiest dry cat food available today.

We invite you to compare the ingredients in all of our products to our competitors – the difference is clear.  Better yet – let your kitties taste it for themselves – and you’ll see why we say Halo is the Picky Eaters Choice in wet cat food.

*Are you Longfellow’s pet parent?  We’d like to thank you and Longfellow for your pawsome feedback!  Reply to our comment on your original review so that we can start a conversation with you!

One thought on “Halo Indoor Cat Chicken Recipe – the Picky Eaters Choice in Healthy Cat Food

  • Brandon A
    December 20, 2019 at 9:10 am

    Hello. We’ve recently transitioned our cats to Halo after looking for the right food for over a year. We (and they) mostly liked the Turkey & Quail wet food recipe. It seemed to be the perfect fit between digestibility, taste (presumably), and no bad ingredients such as carrageenan. And perhaps most importantly, it has a very low phosphorous level!

    Unfortunately though, this variety of cat food appears to be no longer available. Your website lists it, but it is no longer offered at Chewy, Amazon, or Petco. Do you plan to continue to manufacture and offer this?

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