Meet Dr. Sarah Dodd, Our Independent Veterinary Consultant

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Dr. Sarah Dodd

Hello pet lovers!

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dr. Sarah Dodd and I am a veterinarian with a special focus on companion animal nutrition. My studies have taken me around the world: I have lived in England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, the United States of America and Canada – where I currently reside with my three happy rescue dogs Peppa, Dottie and Timmy.

I graduated from veterinary school in 2016, since then I have pursued my passion in nutrition with a clinical nutrition internship and a Master’s degree at the Ontario Veterinary College. I am currently completing my nutrition residency with the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition and enrolled in a PhD studying plant-based diets for pets.

My partnership here with Halo as an independent veterinary consultant has arisen from a mutual interest in sustainable, plant-based foods for pets. As a vegan veterinarian, I am not only committed to protecting and promoting animal health, but also to educating pet parents about the possibilities of plant-based diets for their companions. Part of my teaching role is in public outreach, through events, blogs, FAQs and the like, so expect to see more from me!

I look forward to many discussions of pet nutrition here, so please don’t hesitate to contact Halo with any queries you may have – your question may be the perfect blog post topic!

Take care of yourselves and your furry friends,

Dr. Sarah

2 Responses to “Meet Dr. Sarah Dodd, Our Independent Veterinary Consultant”

  1. Ruth

    Hi, Dr. Dodd.
    I adopted my cat when he was 5. He had a habit of chewing on his feet and belly and a very smart veterinarian said “take him off all poultry”
    He had been free feeding Iams dry food. I took him off that and all poultry. It took me 2 years to realize it was eggs, too.
    Point is, I’d be happy to buy HALO, but there is no Halo canned food without poultry or egg.
    As this is a common allergy, HALO might consider it.

  2. chloe

    I have a question about the feeding amount of the puppy chicken recipe, according the instructions, a 6lb/ 5month puppy, the feeding amount is 165 gram per day, is is correct ?
    and my dog only can eat 20 gram per meal, more than 20 gram, she vomited the food, how do I help her?


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